Polish straight-through sheet bending machine for the production of additional elements and air ducts of rectangular cross-section.

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The machine is supplied in three configurations-without a knife, with a roller knife, with an additional option package.
(What is included in the main package is shown in the picture on the left above)
Additional option packages are divided into two types:
1 package of options-liquid angle finder, bend angle limiter, rear stop, front stop, foot drive, folding
2 options package-liquid angle gauge, 4-position bend angle limiter, rear stop, front stop, handles on the bending beam, rebate
The difference is in the handles on the bending beam and in the 4-position limiter of the bending angle (analog-LBM machines).
What does a 4-position bend angle limiter look like?

Types of corners:
Pressure beam diagram:

Description of the elements in the diagram:

  • the unique design of the bending beam, which protects the painted metal from damage and scratches, and conveniently holds the metal sheet, preventing it from sliding during operation;
  • a narrow clamping part allows you to expand the range of manufactured additional elements (the ability to make an internal complex and external corner);
  • unlimited feed depth;
  • vertical lifting of the pressure beam
  • tense main beam with adjustable curvature;
  • beams deflection compensators;
  • bending radius setting;
  • adjusting the pressure of the pressure beam;
  • manual circular knife of reinforced construction;
  • wheels for fast movement;
  • simplicity and reliability of the design;
  • made of European steel;
  • 12 months warranty

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Bending machine Bertech
Machine opening height, mm 90 mm
Minimum width of the folded shelf, mm 5-10 mm
The minimum step of the counterbend, mm 15 mm
Maximum bending angle with folding machine, degrees 180 degrees
Working length, mm 2150 mm
Sheet thickness, mm 0.7 mm
Minimum bending angle, degrees 155 degrees
Depth of feeding, mm unlimited
Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 2500х500х700 mm
Weight, kg 250 kg
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What is required for the manufacture of additional elements?
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