Automatic type chain-link mesh making machine

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For those Buyers who can independently assemble an automatic machine for the production of a chain-link mesh and thereby achieve significant savings in the funds necessary to purchase a finished machine - we offer several options for ready-made kits for assembling an automatic machine. The purchase of a ready-made kit gives several advantages at once:

1) Unlike an assembled machine, its delivery to any region will cost several times cheaper - about 3000-5000 rubles;

2) The cost of a ready-made assembly kit allows you to save money in comparison with the purchase of a finished machine;

3) By purchasing one assembly kit, you can assemble several machines if necessary;

3) In comparison with a used machine, you get new units and mechanisms.

4) Consultation and tech. Manufacturer support - FREE!

The equipment has an electronic control unit with an intuitive interface that allows you to master the machine within one day. Allows you to work in automatic, semi-automatic and manual modes.

We also note that after purchasing the machine, the buyer receives detailed instructions for setting up and operating it, as well as a training video. Therefore, if you do not have time to come to us, you can master the machine yourself.

ECONOM set - 165,000 rubles

The assembly package "ECONOM" of the machine tool for the production of mesh netting, designed for the manufacture of square and rhombic mesh from thermally untreated wire GOST 3282-74, from steel st. 0, art. 1, art. 2, Art. 3, uncoated and galvanized. It is possible to weave a mesh-netting from other types of wire (stainless, chrome-plated, PVC-coated, etc. The mesh made on an automatic machine can be of different widths and lengths, which helps to meet the needs of all customers, especially since non-standard coil sizes chain-link mesh, an additional margin is taken, which increases the manufacturer's profit.

The productivity of the machine per day (the standards are presented for a standard roll of a chain-link mesh of 1.5x10 meters): Automatic machine for the production of a chain-link mesh

• Cell 15 - 14 pcs .;

• Cell 20 - 16 pcs .;

• Cell 25 - 18 pcs .;

• Cell 30 - 20 pcs .;

• Box 35 - 22 pcs .;

• Cell 40 - 26 pcs .;

• Cell 45 - 32 pcs .;

• Cell 50 - 36 pcs .;

• Box 55 - 44 pcs .;

• Cell 60 - 54 pcs .;

• Cell 80 - 60 pcs .;

 The buyer purchasing a ready-made set of "ECONOMY" machine tool, receives:

1) an electronic control unit with a digital display and a remote control with a proprietary control program with a set of wires with connected sensors;

2) drawings for all necessary turning and milling machine parts;

3) detailed drawing of the machine frame with wiring diagram for electrical components;

4) video instructions for setting up and operating the machine;

5) drawings for all standard sizes of screw bushings (consumables) used to form a chain-link mesh with dimensions from 15 to 80 mm.

Thus, after receiving the finished set of the machine, it remains only to assemble a metal frame from a channel, a corner and a pipe measuring 3x1.5x1.5 m according to the received drawings. Then, electrical equipment is installed and connected to this frame and you can start working.

Machine frame.

Set "BASIC" - 200,000 rubles

lower shaft assembly

The assembly package "BASIC" of the machine for the production of mesh netting includes:

1) Everything included in the "ECONOMY" package;

2) + A set of parts related to the turning and milling group (with bearings).

This package is necessary for the assembly of the machine in the absence of a turning, milling, keyway-punching machine, as well as a machine for processing flat metal with CNC.

Set "MAXIMUM" - 225,000 rubles

 Assembly package "MAXIMAL" for the production of chain-link mesh includes:

1) Everything included in the BASIC package;

2) + Motor for the main spiral winding of the machine;

3) + A gear motor that rotates the lower shaft of the machine, which is responsible for bending the ends of the mesh (antennae), cutting the wire to size, winding the woven mesh into a roll, etc.

By purchasing this kit, the Buyer will only need an assembly for which only metal and ordinary locksmith tools will be needed.
To put the machine into operation, you must do the following:
- install the assembled machine on a flat concrete platform and fix it;

- ground the machine;

- connect the machine to an alternating current network (220 or 380 volts), depending on the selected configuration;

Also, if the buyer wishes, it will always be possible to get acquainted with a working prototype of the machine at our enterprise.

Machine electronics warranty 2 years. The machine is designed for indoor use.

The term of readiness for shipment is from 15 to 20 days from the date of receipt of a 20% prepayment.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Main characteristic
Dimensions LxWxH, mm 3000х1500х1500 mm
Weight, kg ≈1500 kg зависит от рамы

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