Electromagnetic sheet bending machine STALEX EB 2000x1,6
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    Станок листогибочный электромагнитный STALEX EB 2000x1,6
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    360.00 kg
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    2,200.00 x 1,120.00 x 380.00 mm
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The basic principle of the electromagnetic plate bending machine is to use an electromagnetic clamping system instead of a mechanical one. The design of the machine includes a long electromagnet with a steel pressure beam mounted above it. Due to the electromagnetic effect, a sheet of metal is clamped between the beams with a force of 3 to 10 tons. Bending of the workpiece is carried out by turning the bending bar. The metal sheet is folded around the front edge of the clamping beam. Depending on the length of the machine, the complete set of clamping beams is different, which provide a wide application of the machine for various tasks. There are 4 types of crossbeams in the configuration - solid, segmented, narrow, slotted crossbeams.

The complete set of machines 2000, 2500, 3200 includes 2 strips with a length similar to the length of the machine (solid, segment).

Sheet bending machines are used in almost all industries:

  1. Individual production: prototypes and samples, product details.
  2. Industry: switchboards, housings, lamps, machinery covers.
  3. Buildings: signboards, facades, garage doors, shop windows ...
  4. Office equipment: racks, cabinets, computer stands.
  5. School projects: tool boxes, letter boxes, feeders, shelving.
  6. Food industry: stainless steel sinks and countertops, exhaust hoods, vats.
  7. Advertising: luminous signs and metal inscriptions.
  8. Cars: repair, vans, van bodies, racing cars, road signs.
  9. Agriculture: machines, silos, stainless milk equipment.

Machine1 шт.
Pedal1 шт.
Solid bar1 шт.
Segment bar1 шт.
Support stand1 шт.
Instructions1 шт.

The warranty for equipment and accessories is 1 year. We deliver equipment throughout Russia and the CIS!

Electromagnetic sheet bender EB
Bending working length, mm 2000 mm
Material thickness *, mm 1.6 mm * Thicknesses are indicated for galvanized steel <320 MPa
Bending angle 135 °
Clamping force, t 9
Rated current, A 12
Distance between lifts, mm 2028
Packing size, mm 2200х1120х380
Net / gross weight, kg 290/360

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